The thermometrical probes of Isoelectric are used in silos and warehouses for products storage, since the long lying of them caused the fermentation and consequently the increase of temperature; the constant monitoring of the temperature permits to warn the first symptomns and preventing many damages, losses, recycle of product and reducing the storage costs.

This type of probes consisted of a cable which is formed by a probe in flexible steel with traction resistance of 50.000 kg./mt. It is covered by a coat of special fibre for food (according to the HACCP rule and m.d. nr 108 dated 25/01/1992); the digital temperature sensores are placed inside of the cable according to the quantity and distances necessary for the silos or the customer request.

Moreover, this cable guarantees an excellent flexibility, strenght and traction resistance. It can be connected with monitoring and temperature control systems and our instruments like: “Termosilos", "Sentinel", "Termograin" and "Soft-Control".

A great strenght
Minimum resistance to the traction
Excellent flexibility reliability
Made in Italy


  • Length of cable: as requested
  • Diameter of cable: 15 mm
  • Points of measure: as requested
  • Temperature range: -20°C ÷ +150°C
  • Tolerance: ±0,5°C