Is the electronic instrument used to measure in an easy and rapid way the temperature of multipoint thermometrical probes, placed in silos or warehouses.

The device makes automatically the scan of different points of measure and at the same time showed max on the display four points of measure in the version for PT100 and eight points in the version for electronic points.

Also it’s possible set an alarm temperature and when it’s over, an acustic signal is in action and a relè permits to start the external elements such as: sound alarm, blinkers or automatically a ventilator for cooling.
There is also the possibility to memorize the temperatures with an automatic preset of progressive number (from 1 to 99).

Simple and rapid alarm setting from - 8° to 99°
Power feed with battery or external adapter 220/12 V
Choice of the power off mode: manual or automatic after 3 min. of inactivity
Data memorization giving progressive number (max 99)
Showing of temperatures in memory (min, max and the averege)
Made in Italy


  • Range of use: from - 10 to 99 ° C
  • Resolution: 0.1° C
  • Reading: celsius or faranaid
  • Display: back lighted LCD 16x2
  • Feed: 9 V batteryor external 220/12 V
  • Sensore: PT 100 thermoresistance or electronical
  • Switching off: manual/automatic after 3 minutes
  • Dimensions of the tester: 160x120x80