The Termograin for silos of Isoelectric is an appropriate measure to obtain temperature data within silos and warehouses that contain granular food products subject to the fermentation.

Is intuitive and easy to use thanks to the alphanumeric display with extended posts in the mother tongue, where you can store up to 99 temperature data; simply plug the connector into the measuring box for quick viewing and storage temperature inside the silo/warehouse and then the data can be displayed directly from the equipment at any place like home, office or other.

Showing of degrees centigrade or faranaid
To set the temperature alarm from – 10° C to + 121° C
The temperature alarm mode can be higher or lower than the setting alarm
To set the temperature alarm break (from 0 to 255 seconds)
Possibility to memorize until 99 measures progressive
Showing of the min, max and average of temperature in memory
Made in Italy


  • Range of use: - 10° C.+ 121° C
  • Resolution: 0.1° C
  • Display: LCD 16x2
  • Feed: 9 V battery
  • Sensore: digital LM 335
  • Switching off: manual/automatic after 3 minutes
  • Dimensions of the meter: 140x85x40
  • Dimension of the probe: L.1 mt