Is an electronic control unit used to check stored cereals temperature in silos or warehouses. These cereals warm up thanks to the fermantation, so the control of the temperature is an important function to see the first symptoms.

Sentinel has been constructed based on the digital technology of the bus seriale RS 485 with 4 electric wires, so you can eliminate installation expenses for the patch of hundreds of leads (as the traditional system), and spread the installation to link the principal line (4 leads) with new “remote“ cards.

Important characteristic is the principal communication line made up a cable with 4 electric wires (to a maximum distance of 2 km), where you can connect 256 “REMOTE” cards, all of them have 32 temperature sensores with a maximun installation capacity of 8.192 points of measure.    

It’s simple to install (a cable with 4 wires only).
Integrated printer with common paper and timer.
Possibility to decide different warning temperature for every silos.
The choice of temperature scanning between aut-man.
Relè for warning allarm systems connection
Made in Italy


  • Temperature sensors: digital LM 335
  • Temperature range: - 50/150° C
  • Maximum distance of sensors: 2 km
  • Maximum number of sensors for probe: 32
  • Maximum number of probes: 256
  • Maximum number of measurement points: 8.192
  • Feed: 12 VDC