Is the new Isoelectric instrument able to measure in the field at the same time the exact percentage of humidity and temperature of the forage by graphically displaying the calculation of the average of the last 128 measurements made; equipped with the brand new white backlit graphic LCD display and a USB 2.0 output for easy downloading of data to a PC; easy to use, it has practical functions "Measurement block", "Progressive number count with date and time", "Mathematical average" and "Battery charge check".

Ideal for farmers and traders, it helps prevent self-ignition and fungal infections; the device is extremely robust and designed in the name of quality to ensure many years of uninterrupted use, it’s also provided with a comfortable and elegant protective case with optional accessories such as GPS, USB key and portable battery-powered printer.

Graphic display 2.8 ”LCD with white backlight
Automatic calculation of the last measured "average value" with graphic representation of the last 128 measurements
Instant reading at the same time f the temperature and humidity for better control of storage/stacking in the barn
USB 2.0 output for downloading to PC, measurement data, average and graph of 1000 measurements stored in the field
Automatic temperature compensation
N° 4 calibrations for different products adjustable by the customer
Ergonomic handle with comfortable pistol grip
Complete with case, battery and instructions for use
Optional accessories: battery-powered printer, GPS with the possibility of memorizing the measurement location
Made in Italy


  • Moisture measurement range: from 6 up to 65% of the water content depending on the type of bale and pressing chosen
  • Temperature measurement range: from - 20 ° C to + 120 ° C
  • Display: 2.8 "graphic LCD with white backlight
  • Languages: italian, english, german, french, spanish, portuguese,  czech,  hungarian, polish and romanian
  • Resolution: 0.1% of the humidity and 1.0 the temperature
  • Memory: data logger function with storage of up to 1000 humidity and temperature values
  • Length of measuring probe: 50 cm. standard